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Consulting in Social Sciences; research papers, institutional planning and strategy development, advisory services, women-owned entrepreneurship.

Women’s Leadership; Conscious Feminine Conversations, entrepreneurship mentoring and #LifeHacks

Facilitation; workshops and conferences




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We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

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Success isn’t simply measured by being better than the competition. You may never be able to compete with the Google’s, McDonalds, and Microsoft’s of the world, you may never sell as many books as J.K. Rowling, but you can ALWAYS offer the masses something unique, something special, something that may not mean something to everyone, but can mean everything to some.

I can HELP you

I specialise in providing quality consulting services on social science topics. Using a network of qualified social scientists, I create teams to respond to the unique needs of specific projects. The researchers I work with are affiliated with academic institutions and are respected professionals in their respective fields of study.


[In] Secure

[In] SecureSecure, when used as an adjective, according to the Cambridge dictionary, can mean “being fixed firmly and correctly and therefore not likely to move, fall, or break” it also means to be “protected”, likely to continue and not fail or be lost. Secure in...

Inspire[d] Change

For years, I have felt the need for a community I could speak to about anything – my dreams, hopes and aspirations, my “fears” and my life story – because I believe my life matters. So does yours.  And so, in the absence of such a community, or perhaps because I...


Ubuntu: A Social Entrepreneurship imperative for Africa Social entrepreneurship has emerged to be a growing organisational form in which market- based methods are used to address social issues, but remains poorly understood (Tucci, 2013). Social value creation...

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