We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.

Find your inspiration and motivation to overcome any challenge you may encounter.
Social Scientist

A dynamic creative with innovation & social entrepreneurship expertise

Founder of @Tea Tree & CO

I am a mother of two boys, an entrepreneur, an advocate for women leadership, a social scientist and an inspirational speaker. I am an empathetic leader and I am selfaware. I am passionate about social justice and all issues that regard women.

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We may encounter many defeats but we
must not be defeated.

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Consulting in Social Sciences; research papers, institutional planning and strategy development, advisory services, women-owned entrepreneurship.
Women’s Leadership; Conscious Feminine Conversations, entrepreneurship mentoring and #LifeHacks
Facilitation; workshops and conferences

Mmabatho Montse.

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Success isn’t simply measured by being better than the competition. You may never be able to compete with the Google’s, McDonalds, and Microsoft’s of the world, you may never sell as many books as J.K. Rowling, but you can ALWAYS offer the masses something unique, something special, something that may not mean something to everyone, but can mean everything to some.






A source of inspiration

Bravery is often described as the ability to confront danger or pain without fear. A description that fits well with physical risk and heroism, traditionally represented by the gendered stereotypes associated with great physical srength of men. For me bravery refers to one's meantal strength, intuitive wisdom and confidence. The ability to make tough decisions and take action, characteristics woman have always shown often despite the constraints within their social structures.


Part of doing your personal work is learning how to live from your heart and be guided though life by your heart and your strong eye (third eye)- where you have access to your intuition. You cannot sleep through the challanges life presents you with and you cannot power through with the strength of only your body and mind. The strength of your spirit will carry you through.